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What is the difference between your soap and the kind I can get in the store?

This is the question I get asked most often, and it is as simple as looking at the ingredients.  Commercially-produced soap, or what we have come to think of as soap, are a mixture of chemicals and detergents.  Those ingredients are hard to pronounce, cheap to produce, and may be the reason your skin feels dry, tight, or itchy after use.  Soapeez soap is made with quality vegetable oils and butter that nourish your skin. When you know the difference and understand what your skin is capable of absorbing, it is a matter of personal preference. 


Your ingredients list sodium hydroxide.  Isn't that lye?

Yes it is.  In order to be called real soap, lye is a required ingredient.  But, there is no lye in the finished product.  In simple terms, when the correct amount of oil, water, and lye are properly mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs where the molecules break apart and hook up with one another - kind of like a happy dance. This is called the saponification process.  When the dance is over, pure soap

and glycerin remain.  Handmade soap, when made properly, is very mild.


What is glycerin?

Glycerin is a humectant that occurs naturally in the soapmaking process.  When the happy dance starts, there are never enough lye molecules to go around, so the (broken apart) lye and oil molecules get together and call themselves glycerin. Acting almost like a built-in lotion bar, glycerin pulls moisture from the air and puts it back into your skin where we want it to be. Commercial soap companies usually remove glycerin to be sold separately, however handmade soaps like Soapeez allow glycerin to remain in the final product.     


How do you make soap?

Soapeez uses the cold process method of soapmaking.  Other than melting the hard oils like Coconut Oil or Shea Butter to a liquid, no additional heat is introduced.  After properly measuring and mixing all of the ingredients, the raw soap is poured into molds.  When the soap is hard enough to be unmolded and/or cut into bars (approximately 2 days later), individual bars are placed on a drying rack for a minimum of 5 weeks.  In addition to completing the cure cycle, excess moisture is allowed to evaporate, thus creating a harder bar that will last longer.  To ensure quality standards, every bar is individually checked, cleaned, accurately weighed, and wrapped.


Are your soaps biodegradable?

Soapeez soaps are made with pure vegetable oils and butter that are safe for your skin as well as the environment.


Do you make vegan soap?

Soapeez makes soap for everyone and all of Soapeez Soaps start with a base of pure vegetable oils and butters.  While some of our soaps contain goats milk, Soapeez does not and will not use animal fats like lard or tallow.  With advanced notice, we will be happy to create a custom and special batch just for you.  


How do I care for Soapeez soaps?

After use, place on a well-draining soap dish and allow to dry between use.  Your handmade soaps like to breathe, so store unused bars in a cool and dark place like the linen closet or lingerie drawer.  Since Soapeez does not use artificial preservatives, it is recommended that you use your Soapeez soaps within one year of purchase.


I am planning an event and want a specific color, scent, or shape.  Is that possible?

Absolutely!  I love to play and special orders are exactly that.  Check out my design page to see a sample of some of the fun designs I have created in the past.  Please be aware that all special orders need a 6-8 week minimum turn-a-round time.  


Is there a way I can try your soap?

Yes.  Contact us for details or stop by one of our boutiques to pick up a sample.

I see embroidery items on your Bath and Body Page.  Is that something you can customize for me?

Absolutely!  Machine Embroidery is another hobby I do.  Whether it is a custom design or simply a name added to a garment, contact us for additional details.

What are Solid Lotion Bars?

Solid Lotion Bars are basically lotion without the water.  When you rub the bar between your palms, the heat from your body will melt them just enough to rub into your skin.  I love to use them on my hands, knees, elbows, and feet - just about anywhere that needs a little extra TLC.


Do you have additional questions?  Simply contact us and we will be glad to discuss.  Thank You!


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